Processes and Services

We are a 100% British manufacturing company.

A modern factory with machinists, cutters and Nottingham based telephone/IT support staff. This should not be your only reason for choosing us, but it’s good to know that you are supporting British manufacturing and that your high quality products were made just down the road (globally speaking).

Below is a list of Machinery, Processes and Services that we run in-house at our Nottingham factory:

Sewing Machines


  • Bed types - Flat Bed, Cylinder bed
  • Feed types - Drop Feed, Needle feed, Walking Foot, Puller/Racing Feed
  • Geometry - Straight, Zizag (2 and 3 throw), Twin Needle, Twin Needle "knock-out foot"
  • Gauge - Standard Industrial, Heavy Duty Industrial, Pneumatic "Super" Heavy Duty

Edge binding

  • Variants – Single needle, twin needle, single needle reciprocating feed

Over lock
CNC Bartack
Flat lock
Flag stitch

Other Machines

High Frequency Welding

  • Variants - UltraSonic Welding, Radio Frequency Welding

Hot Tape seam sealing

  • Variants - PU, 3 layer, reflective, conductive

Press studding

Branding Processes

CNC Embroidery
Vinyl plotting/cutting transfer
Dye Sublimation transfer
Screen Printing


Wilcom v10
SolidEdge 2D drafting


“3 Axis” Redsal-Cut
Delta MK7 “Active feed” lay-up/spreader/catcher